Book Review

I love a reading challenge list.  I scour Pinterest and Instagram to find exactly the right one with exactly the right amount of variety to start the year.  This year, I found one on Instagram that I thought I would really enjoy, and so far, I really have enjoyed the list and the challenge.

What I don’t enjoy, is that the creator of said list hasn’t posted about anything they’re reading on Instagram since posting the list.  What?!?  Why?!?!  I’m a little put off by that, so I’ll have my own list for 2017.  Until then, I’m just trucking along through this one.


Excuse the 2 am screen shot…

My theology when it comes to book lists is quite simple.  I NEVER read through the list in order, even if it’s numbered.  And I basically read what I want and find a place on the challenge list that it fits.  I may start a book thinking it will be one item and finish by marking off a totally different one.

That’s exactly what happened when I read The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson.  She is one of my most all time favorite authors.  Her first book gods in Alabama  was recommended to me in college by my mother (I’m sorry if your mom isn’t as cool a reader as mine), and I haven’t missed a single new book she’s put out since.  I look for her books to come out every year although they don’t come around yearly.  I have a radar of sorts that starts alerting me that it could be time to look for a new book from her.  You can ask my husband, it’s weird.  I’ve recently gotten my work friends hooked as well.  Maybe you’re hooked now, too?  You’re welcome.


So I bought the book just dying to devour it, but I’m working on this book list.  It didn’t seem to fit anywhere on the list, so I was going to mark it off as “a book of your choice.”  I read the first line.  Maybe it could pass as “a book with a great first line,” but it was no Tale of Two Cities.  After finishing the book, turns out, I can mark off “a book about siblings!”  Woohoo!

I loved every single line of this book.  I can’t imagine the research that had to go into it about the Hindu religion and all the different gods.  I was captivated.  It devastated me, made me laugh, made me cry (like ugly cry a little).  Heads up, there are some super broken people in this book.  The broken kids were the hardest part for me, but only because that is reality for lots of kids in this world.  It ended exactly how I wanted it to end.  That’s really saying something.  I rarely get that in a book.  I cannot sing enough praises for this book.  RUN! Don’t walk.  Get the book.  Make it yours.


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