Reason #53123 for the friend group

I’m going to be posting A LOT about community.  The longer I have been without it, the more important I see that it truly is for basic human survival.  We can do nothing, I mean nothing, completely on our own.  We NEED friends.

Now, I am in no way trying to downplay the hurt that friends sometimes cause, but in all my years of experience, the hard times make you closer and the good times far outweigh the bad.  I’m not talking about toxic friendships, that’s a conversation for another day.  I’m talking about TRUE COMMUNITY.

That said, let me begin.  My husband is a professional man.  He’s got all the degrees.  He’s a successful attorney.  We’re talking suit and tie type.  If you met my husband on a random Saturday, however, you would never know all that about him.  Not because he doesn’t sound intelligent, but because he was raised in the literal sticks (among other places), and he still holds very strongly to those roots.  He’s the hunting and fishing outdoorsy type.  He relates well to his clientele in this rural area of Mississippi.  They like a man they can relate with on more levels than their reason to be sitting across from him at his desk.

One of my dear friends (from the FG I mentioned in previous posts) had a skunk in her dog’s house this week.  Horror of horrors if you ask me.  It was an all day event which kept her and her children imprisoned inside their home for all the long hours.  When my husband came home from work that afternoon, I told him about her dilemma.  He said,”Tell her I’m coming to take care of it.”  Just like that.  He went and changed out of his work clothes, grabbed his gear and headed over.  No questions asked, no dreading this experience, no telling her to call animal control.

This is just what you do as a friend group.  Her husband is the one that put stitches in my kid’s face late in the evening a couple weeks back, my husband took care of her very smelly unwelcome guest.  I’m so grateful for our diversities.  All the strengths and weaknesses make us a strong group.



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