July Book Review

imageBittersweet by Shauna Niequist.  I’ve been watching this one on Amazon for quite some time, never really wanting to spend the money on it because I have so many others that I want to read first, so when it showed up at $2.99 in July, I grabbed it and immediately devoured it!  I love her writing style, and this book did not disappoint.  This book is all about bitter moments in her life that really brought out the sweet times.  She discusses job loss, miscarriage, relocation, and death.  I enjoyed this greatly.  This one counts as my “book with a one word title.”



The Contemplative Writer by Ed Cyzewski.  I want to read more about writing, and this one imageshowed up for $1.99 on Kindle, so I grabbed it up.  The subtitle caught me because it promises to combine writing and prayer.  This was a very short read.  I like that.  It actually had very little to do with actual writing and more to do with prayer rituals and habits that would give you peace and in turn open your mind for writing.  I don’t really know how that applies to me exactly, but I am intrigued by the Hours praying schedule and several other things that are touched on here.  Clearly, this is a little peep into some other books by this same author, but he also mentions a few other books I’ll be adding to my “to read” list.  I would recommend this one for anyone who wants to advance their prayer life, I cannot recommend it as a book about writing.



imageEight Twenty Eight by Ian and Larissa Murphy.  This one was free on Kindle awhile back and I used the Kindle app on my phone to start it.  That was slow going, so I finally finished it.  I first saw Larissa’s story at the IF:Gathering this year.  She told about the challenges of being married to someone with severe disabilities.  This book is the story leading up to their marriage.  It gives little glimpses into their now married life from time to time, but on the whole, it’s the lead up.  I have very torn feelings over their whole story.  She could’ve walked away at any point and not the first person would’ve blamed her.  They were just dating when he had his car accident that left him with a brain injury.  She hung in there.  This book had the longest chapters in the world, so it felt like a slow go, but if you’re looking for a story of inspiration, this one could be for you.


The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  I love MKA.  I have read all of her books and I imagecouldn’t miss this year’s newest novel.  Her books are fun, sweet romances with a little plot twist usually.  This one did not disappoint.  A great beach read if the beach is still in your plans this year.  This marks off “a book from the library.”






imageOne Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus.  This book was on many books-you-must-read lists.  It was popping up in all the places that I look for books that may interest me, so when I found it at the Goodwill Bookstore awhile back for $2.99, I grabbed it and put it in my to-read stack.  A friend and I read it together except she’s clearly superhuman when it comes to reading speed and I finished it long after her.  No, that’s not my competitive spirit showing through at all.  It doesn’t mark off any books on my list, but it could mark one off on yours.  I didn’t absolutely love this book, but it was a fun read and I definitely got behind the characters in their cause.  It left me with a lot of “what if” thinking.  I like that.


America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie.  I don’t generally read a whole lot of historical fiction, but imagethis one has me hooked.  I read it early in the month, and it was LONG, but I soaked in every word.  I think I like American history.  It’s good to know these things about ourselves I guess.  This book was $1.99 when it first came out on Kindle, but I would pay the full price for it.  I loved it.  At the end, the authors explain where they got their research and what themes they continued that were probably fiction, but I didn’t even read all that because I didn’t care.  I loved the book so much, I want it all to be true.  Everything I googled matched up.  Lots of shockers.  This marks off my “book based on a true story.”



It was a good month for reading around here.  I don’t usually get to finish that many in a month, so I feel accomplished.  Thanks for stopping by!