The Turquoise Table Review

A book club is one of my favorite things in the world.  I love a group of like minded people to gather around and discuss a book.  I want to hear different opinions and views. I want to hear what people hated and loved.  So when Jamie Ivey announced that she was hosting a summer book club, I jumped at the chance to participate.

IMG_9090This book club is via Facebook, and it is a very diverse group of women from all over. We are reading one book a month through the summer, and the June pick was The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell.  Now, I’ve voiced my stance on community plenty of times on this blog, so the idea behind this book floored me!  I could not wait to dive right in!

First off, this book is GORGEOUS!  The cover is a beautiful turquoise color with gold accents and binding.  The cover also feels great.  That matters to me.  Anyway, it is filled with pictures, quotes, ideas and recipes.  You cannot go wrong with any of these things.

So basically, Kristin got a picnic table and put it in her front yard and painted it turquoise.  She goes into way more detail, but I’ll let her tell her own story when you read the book.  She started doing a lot of her activities outside at that table and inviting her friends and neighbors over for coffee or lemonade to just sit around the table.  This, friends, is how community is built and fostered.  Face to face, across the table from one another.  I absolutely love the idea of getting outside and not having to clean your house to have company over.  This really opens up a whole new world of opportunity for me.

The thing that struck me the most in this book is the fact that she shows so well how entertaining and hospitality are two totally different things.  People do not want to be entertained all the time.  People want a welcome place to share their stories and their ups and downs.  There’s no need to serve a four course meal to listen to someone’s heart. We need to get it out of our minds that building community and having people over needs to be a full-on event.

Kristin really does make this concept the simplest thing.  In that way, there isn’t a whole ton of content in this book.  You could probably knock it out in one sitting pretty easily.  I like that in a lot of ways because it really is for everyone.

Also, if you read the book and just fall in love with the whole concept and want to get a turquoise table of your own, Tuesday Morning has also fallen in love with all this and now sells Turquoise Tables and outdoor wares to make your experience easy and enjoyable!  This is win win here.  Also, you can follow Kristin on Instagram to see more Turquoise Table stories.  Stay tuned for a picture of my own turquoise table–hopefully more sooner than later–and front yard people experiences.

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