New Year, New Reads

New year, new me! Or at least a freshly committed me. For now. I have high hopes though!

I started looking at reading challenges sometime in December but didn’t officially choose one (or three) until January first. I am participating in three because they are all so different and they all only have 10-12 books each. My book goal is 50 this year. I read 74 last year, so I can handle three challenges knowing I read that many books a year. Do Not Compare Yourself To Me. I can’t stress that enough. There were years that I read one or two books and didn’t think twice about it. You do you.

So, the first challenge I’m participating in is A Literary Feast’s challenge. It’s just one book a month and it’s very doable. There is a Facebook group for discussion and motivation. If you do this challenge, you will have read 12 books this year. That alone is nothing to sneeze at!

Next, I’m over on Instagram where there are so many good things happening. I’ve decided to participate in The Classics Challenge with @happylittlebirdy and @charlottereadsbooks. It is also only 12 books and these two challenges will bleed into each other as well, more on that in a minute. I’m looking forward to broadening my reading a little this year.

Instagram also has some stirrings of #theunreadshelfproject2018 which would be a challenge in and of itself easily. I am somewhat doing that by reading as many from my shelves as possible to complete each challenge. The rest will come from either the library or borrowing/exchanging with friends.

Lastly, I’m planning to do the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge as well. It also only calls for 12 books. I have done hers in the past and had a lot of fun. I only fell short of three categories last year out of 24, so that was a win.

My rules for myself are that one book can cross over to two different challenges, but one book can’t cover two categories in the same challenge. Also, if you’re wanting to see my “plan” on which books I will be reading, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I have no plan. I’m full on flying by the seat of my pants on book choices with the exception of a few that I’m playing around with.

I want to hear what you’re doing this year! Drop a comment here or find me on Instagram @notsotriplec. Also, follow the links and check out all these challenges to see if you want to participate as well!

Also, these are totally the pictures off each of these websites. I’ll make my own someday, but I’m basically advertising for these ladies for now.

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